New Dawn Magazine: “Secret Societies of the Muslim Freemasons”

nd-islam-masonicThe upcoming special issue of the excellent New Dawn magazine will include an article by me, titled “The Compass & The Crescent: Secret Societies of the Muslim Freemasons”.

The issue also includes quite a few articles by Dr. K.R. Bolton, including “Revolution Fomented by Secret Societies Communism’s Hidden Origins Uncovered” as well as some articles by others, including “The Masonic Enigma Is the Modern World A Freemasonic Project? By Mehmet Sabeheddin”.

I haven’t read the issue, and didn’t know who else was writing for it, but, looking at the article titles, my feeling is that it may be a bit critical of Freemasonry. Still, whether one agrees with the authors or not, it is always great to read thought provoking and challenging work, such as one finds in New Dawn.