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Islam and Eurasianism

Traditionalism, Eurasianism, And a Hezbollah for Russia

Aleksandr Dugin (sometimes the first name is Anglicized to “Alexander”), a geopolitical thinker with influence in the Kremlin,[i] has drawn from a wide variety of Russian and non-Russian sources for his political ideas.

At one time he was loosely associated with the Nouvelle Droite (“New Right”) movement and its pioneer Alain de Benoist. Like theNouvelle Droite, Dugin draws from esoteric spiritual theories and schools, including the works of Julius Evola and René Guénon (1886-1951), the founder of the mystical and philosophical school of “Traditionalism.”

Eurasianism, the Fourth Political Theory:

However, Dugin is best known for his “neo-Eurasianism” (usually referred to as, simply “Eurasianism”), a theory that proposes the creation of various “great spaces,” each comprised of several contemporary nations states. Continue reading