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New Dawn Magazine: “Secret Societies of the Muslim Freemasons”

nd-islam-masonicThe upcoming special issue of the excellent New Dawn magazine will include an article by me, titled “The Compass & The Crescent: Secret Societies of the Muslim Freemasons”.

The issue also includes quite a few articles by Dr. K.R. Bolton, including “Revolution Fomented by Secret Societies Communism’s Hidden Origins Uncovered” as well as some articles by others, including “The Masonic Enigma Is the Modern World A Freemasonic Project? By Mehmet Sabeheddin”.

I haven’t read the issue, and didn’t know who else was writing for it, but, looking at the article titles, my feeling is that it may be a bit critical of Freemasonry. Still, whether one agrees with the authors or not, it is always great to read thought provoking and challenging work, such as one finds in New Dawn.

Osama bin Laden's bookshelf contained a New Age spiritual book.

Osama bin Laden’s Masonic Book

The content of Osama bin Laden’s personal library was declassified a few days ago by the Director of the Office of National Intelligence. Surprising to many, bin Laden, al-Qaeda’s mastermind, had a copy of The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly Hall (1928), a classic of New Age, or alternative spiritual thought that would seem in every way to contradict Jihadism and fundamentalist religion.

So, why did bin Laden have a copy of this book? I document the historical connections between radical Muslim activists and alternative spirituality of the 19th and early 20th centuries in my book The Crescent and The Compass, as well as contemporary Islamist anti-Freemasonry (the fraternal movement that influenced much underground Western spirituality). So, it didn’t come as a shock to me.

Eurasia Review has published a short article by me explaining what bin Laden’s interest in the book would have been, and why this connection is important.

To read the whole article visit Eurasia Review here.

Angel Millar Podcast Interview With Occult of Personality

Occult of Personality has published a podcast interview with me on the subject of Islam and Freemasonry. This is from the site:

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of The Crescent and the Compass. I don’t know that I’ve ever found a book on esotericism and history that was as informative and timely as this. It provides an entirely new depth of understanding and analysis. I strongly recommend The Crescent and the Compass to anyone interested in Freemasonry, history, international affairs, and current events.

You can check out the interview here.

Traditionalism, Islam, and The European Radical Right

Though little known to the general public, René Guénon’s “Traditionalism” has had a very significant affect on politics and political thought over the last half a century.

By “Traditionalism” we do not mean “conservatism,” however, since it is not concerned with the preservation of national or historical cultures in itself. A spiritual worldview, Traditionalism believes that all of the world’s major religions are expressions of a primordial Tradition (and as such, sees a spiritual unity of the different religions). It is, in other words, concerned with gnosis (direct knowledge of the Divine), or what Islam refers to as ‘Irfan.

René Guénon, father of Traditionalism

René Guénon

Ecumenical by nature, Traditionalism tends to be sympathetic to Islam in particular, since Guénon “moved into” Islam later in life.

However, it has also influenced several contemporary thinkers on the Right-wing of the political divide in Europe, especially on the “far-Right,” e.g., Christian Bouchet, a journalist at one time associated with France’s Front National, and Gabor Vona, founder of Hungary’s Jobbik party, and his adviser Dr. Tibor Baranyi. Continue reading