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Traditionalism, Islam, and The European Radical Right

Though little known to the general public, René Guénon’s “Traditionalism” has had a very significant affect on politics and political thought over the last half a century.

By “Traditionalism” we do not mean “conservatism,” however, since it is not concerned with the preservation of national or historical cultures in itself. A spiritual worldview, Traditionalism believes that all of the world’s major religions are expressions of a primordial Tradition (and as such, sees a spiritual unity of the different religions). It is, in other words, concerned with gnosis (direct knowledge of the Divine), or what Islam refers to as ‘Irfan.

René Guénon, father of Traditionalism

René Guénon

Ecumenical by nature, Traditionalism tends to be sympathetic to Islam in particular, since Guénon “moved into” Islam later in life.

However, it has also influenced several contemporary thinkers on the Right-wing of the political divide in Europe, especially on the “far-Right,” e.g., Christian Bouchet, a journalist at one time associated with France’s Front National, and Gabor Vona, founder of Hungary’s Jobbik party, and his adviser Dr. Tibor Baranyi. Continue reading